Sunday, January 23, 2011

From Firedoglake...

This afternoon while getting not much of anything done as I was hacking and coughing in front of my computer, I was looking over my twitter feeds. News was flying in fast and furiously for a Sunday afternoon it seemed to me as the weekend is often slow. Several tweets caught my eye amidst the flurry of activity from Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher and David House as they attempt to visit Bradley Manning at Quantico and give the military a petition from their readership asking for an end to the inhumane treatment (a.k.a. torture) of Bradley Manning. As they arrive at the base, it's immediately clear that things are not going to go as planned and for the next couple of hours the pair's tweets give witness to the military's obvious obstructionism that finally keeps them from seeing Bradley Manning at all. Pictured are the series of tweets as shown on Firedoglake (my twitter feed is too cluttered with other tweets to have been this coherent) and a link of the story is provided below.

It's important as you read through all of this, to remember that Bradley Manning has not been charged with anything let alone convicted. He is being detained without due process!

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