Saturday, February 26, 2011

He's back!!!

Keith Olbermann's back with his new blog FOK News Channel. He's already posted several articles... of course he's got a Worst Persons of the Day, Snappy Answers to Stupid Headlines and a personal post about how the union saved his first job and probably his career. He's had a typical row with his boss when his boss, who was drunk and didn't like him, decided it was time to get rid of the trouble maker. So at the tip of a hat, he fired Keith and sent him packing adding the caveat that the other job he was hoping for was also toast. He packed up his stuff and went home, sure he was finished. A few hours later, he received a call from the office telling him he had his job back. As the story went,

"Turns out you can’t get fired for arguing with Stan. And they said we can’t recriminate against you so you’re still going to cover the World Series next month. But I do have to write a nasty letter about you for your file.As the blood returned to my head Sam started laughing again. You should have been there. He was still loaded. The shop steward – for the whole building, not just for Audio – he cut him to pieces. And he got so agitated that the Personnel Director sent him home. Not the shop steward, the boss! Sent him home with a warning and a letter in his file too. Apologized to the union guy. Oh it was wonderful, we shoulda sold tickets.
Keith goes on to explain how the unions protect workers from bosses who simply get angry and fire workers without due process and because of the unions, workers in nonunion jobs now have protections that keep them from being fired without proper procedure being followed. But there is more! Because his personal story and his support of unions is hardly his only point!

KO is goes on to make the point that Wisconsin was the O.K Corral for the battle against unions because this was the place that Republicans chose to have their shootout. Fifty years ago, Wisconsin was the first state to provide collective bargaining rights to workers exactly 50 years ago.

But don't take my word for it! Visit Keith's new blog and read it for yourself, I've hardly touched on all the good stuff in the article and the other things he has there!!!


Kittie Howard said...

Hey, thanks! I hadn't a clue. Love the blog title!

Danette said...

It's great to see him at it, even just in print! And, thanks! It is a nice title, isn't it?