Friday, April 8, 2011

The National Debt and Reality

Let's Get the Facts about Taxes and the Debt,
then Take Action

As Congress debates cutting essential programs that affect our future, let's investigate why we have a deficit and a debt problem. Our tax code is full of loopholes created and exploited by big corporations. They spend the millions that they don't pay in taxes to control our government with misleading commercials, political donations,and an army of lobbyists camped out on K Street.
In return, politicians INSIDE our government feign alarm over the deficits created by the tax loopholes their corporate funders have installed, and propose that the difference be made up ordinary people like you and me — by taxes on our pensions and cuts in public safety, job creation, infrastructure, and education.
"Won't this anger the voters?" the politicians ask. "Don't worry, we'll pay for campaign commercials, grassroots movements, and think tanks to distract deceive them," the corporate lobbyists say.
We won't be deceived any longer. We demand that Congress represent We the People instead of corporate campaign funders and lobbyists!
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Get the facts with NPP
Last time we directed our members toNational Priorities Project (NPP), their site actually crashed because so many taxpaying Americans wanted to know how their money is being spent. Now, NPP's website is back with a vengeance, and, more bandwidth.
Below are the four charts cited in the video we produced with Jo Comerford, NPP's Executive Director. Click on them and you'll be directed to a National Priorities Project web page with the same graphic, and lots more information.



Source: Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2012, Analytical Perspectives, Table 28.1, "Receipts, Outlays and Surplus or Deficit by Fund Group," and Table 15-5, "Revenues By Source."
Where is the “borrowed” 53.2 percent borrowed FROM? Click HERE for the answer to this and other FAQ's.
Please note that the rapid increase in the national debt started in the 1980's, when we began allowing large corporations to contribute less than their share. With income levels for We the People stagnant — actually, after taxes, our income has decreased during this period — it's little wonder that our deficit and our debt have grown. Corporations decided to lobby and bully our government so they could contribute less to America. We the People have worked hard and done all we can, but we just haven't been able to make up the difference.
We are not against corporations. We just don't want them to govern us.
This national debt can no more be blamed on We the People than the Great Recession, but corporate interests and the politicians who serve them are trying to make us pay for both. We will not stand for this.
Take Coffee Break Actions

Now it is time to take action both big and small at every level. Coffee Party members have designed actions you can take every day for the month of April.
Virtual Coffee Breaks nationwide
For the month of April, Americans all over the country will use this page to take Coffee Breaks together. Participants will agree to take a few minutes out of their day — ideally, but not necessarily, at a coordinated time to maximize impact — to contact a Congressman, a radio or TV station, or share an action alert with their social network.

"Survivor" - People-powered web series
Use your creativity to give something back to America and write, star in, shoot, or edit an installment in our "Survivor: Trickle-down Economics" web series.

Coffee Breaks in Your Local Community
CLICK HERE for a list of suggested events and actions that you can organize. Use this host an event page to create a Coffee Break event and invite your friends. People will be able to find your event using this event finder page.
CLICK HERE to see organizers' tools including flyers, planning tips, fact sheets, etc.

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