Sunday, May 1, 2011

City employee campaigning!

And it's me! I am campaigning on my blog! Vote for Doug Linkhart for Denver Mayor! He's the only candidate who has publicly stated that he believes public workers deserve to have collective bargaining rights. All the other candidates said they did not deserve that right (the best Mejia could come up with was a liaison in the mayor's office- blah!). He is also also the only candidate that will reopen libraries full time! (And as a library employee this is clearly a position I support!) But wait, there's more!!! He wants to make the Recreation Centers free for kids and understands that in the long run this saves tax payers money by keeping the kids off the streets! (Wohoo!) And he wants to look at RAISING REVENUE instead of just cutting the budget each year to in response to the city's ongoing budget crisis!!!
YES!!! Finally a candidate who has the right answers to the questions! Vote for him in spite of what the conservative and corporately owned Denver Post want you force feed you.
Doug Linkhart for Mayor!!!    

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