Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy will not be co-opted

If you're wondering just who these liberal hippies are that are protesting, you should know that Occupy is a NOT a progressive or liberal group. In fact, they have stated categorically on their website that "We Will NOT be co-opted" not by any organization. They are not progressive, they are not libertarian. But most specifically, according to an email sent to Washington of Washington's Blog, Occupy is making it clear that they have no ties-- either to the Daily Kos or to is seen by them to be a mainstream democratic organization whose business it is to pull voters into the democratic party, convincing them to settle for the party's center right politics.

I cannot say that I disagree with the stance that Occupy has taken considering the emails I received in the primary months from MoveOn and some of the other progressive groups. At that time, there were several candidates to consider, yet MoveOn only ever offered Obama or Clinton as a choice when considering who to support with finances. For that matter, many of the progressive media organizations that I received emails from did little to investigate who the candidates really were they never asked hard questions about whether they had strong corporate ties, or if they would really change things in Washington- except 'The Progressive.' They were the only progressive media outlet that looked critically at the would-be king and the wanna-be queen.

Which leads us to where we are today.

We have a President who said he would bring change but it was not the change that people expected because it was not change that would help the people- it would not help the 99%- it was change that would only help his friends: His corporate friends, his insurance friends, his banker friends and his oil friends. But why are we surprised? Because the liberal media was not honest with us about WHO HE WAS. They fed us a bunch of lies and have never been honest about their complicity in the matter. And the reason they continue to lie about their friends in Washington is that they get money from them. They don't survive on the donations of the poor people! They survive on the donations of the wealthy (I mean geez, I can't send money in these hard times and I will wager most of the people in my income bracket can't either. So who does keep all these damn liberal groups going? They are always asking for money!!!). And if that's who is shoveling them cash, why would they criticize the very people they feed off of? They are parasites who feed off the system and it's a bad system A BAD SYSTEM! And it is time to change the system. And I am going to keep blogging on #OWS because it's time to remind everyone that WE ARE THE 99%.

And if you want to know more about Occupy-- go here and see for yourself.

#Occupy Wall Street!

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GigglesandGuns said...

DJ friend of mine has been saying, on-air and off. for a very long time that his freedom to speak freely has been greatly curtailed. It seems he is free to to criticize any and all as long long as he realizes he can't do it and keep his job.
No one has said this directly but many who had not shared the thoughts of their station owners are no longer on the air.
How can we possibly believe the media is one with the99%?